#15in31: October Reading Challenge!

I’ve really been missing taking time out of my day and sitting down with a good book. I’ve been so swamped this year and when I’m stressed/anxious the last thing I want to do is sit down and read, even though that would actually help me de-stress šŸ˜›

I was just thinking of how to jump start my reading when I ran across Andi’s challengeĀ onĀ Estella’s Revenge. I figured this was a sign from the reading gods and decided to give it a try!Ā 15 books in 31 is a lot, maybe too much. I may not be able to complete all 15 titles, but I’ll give it my all. Worst case, I’ll have read more than I would’ve otherwise!

I’m horrible at keeping TBRs or planning what books I want to read next, so I’m not going to give you an exact list of the books I’ll be in October. This is more of a general list of books that I’m interested in:

Okay, I kinda lied, I know I’ll be digging into these three new releases next month.Ā I’ve been waiting for them for ages!

What these all have in common is that they are all books that my husband has been begging me to read. His birthday is coming up this month and he reads a lot that I recommend, so I’ll give them a shot (I’m pretty positive I’ll like them anyways)!


I’ve acquired these titles recently and I’m pretty excited about them. They’re a varied bunch, for sure, andĀ I don’t think I’ll wait more than a month to read them.

I know that’s only nine, but I know I’ll get some random Kindle books in there as well as audio. I don’t like to overplan my reading when I’m having fun with it, and that’s the goal of this whole challenge for me– to read a ton and have fun doing it!

What about you? If you want to join in, please sign up on the link up top!