About Me

I’m Monica, a twenty-something girl who loves to read.

Okay, there’s more to me than just that— at least I’d like to think there is!

This blog will chronicle my adventures in the world of books, publishing, design, and whatever else I do. I try to keep up with industry news and information; so I will be sharing some of this on here.

My favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction. I’ll read just about any genre and age range, but I am an epic fantasy girl, in my heart of hearts. Nothing makes me happier than diving into a intimidatingly huge, “door-stopper” book. I am very passionate about the books I read, which can really go either way. There are some books I just completely adore, but for every one of those there is one that I absolutely despise. (An example is my gushing adoration for Sanderson’s Way of Kings and then how Bradley’s Mists of Avalon makes me feel like clawing my eyes out.)

I’m also a cinephile and whenever I’m not reading I’m probably watching films or television. I had a film blog, Reel Snob, and I’m debating starting it up again. If I post film review I will be cross-posting them on this blog and that one— whenever I have time to actually watch movies, much less write about them.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish. Even though this blog will be written in English, I am open to reading books and articles in Spanish. One of my resolutions is to read/watch more media in Spanish. If you have any recommendations for books, films or TV shows in Spanish, please throw them my way.

Illustration by Cristi Lopez

Find me on: Twitter . Instagram . Goodreads . Pinterest . Behance 


  1. I loved reading this! My favourite genres are fantasy and historical fiction also, so we have that in common! I am also a ‘cinephile’ just like you described; I drag my husband to the cinemas at least twice a week! Keep up the great blog! (:

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