Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes for the Book Genie

Top Ten Tuesday is a blog meme hosted over at the Broke and the Bookish every week! This week the topic is what wishes you would want the all-powerful book genie to grant you. It’s weird to do a genie post without being limited to 3, but who am I to complain about more wishes? 😛

  1. More time to read in the day! It’s hard to find time to read sometimes, life gets in the way. Maybe a place where time will pause and I can just read there for a while.
  2. To be able to do other things while I read! Kinda goes with the first wish. Audiobooks let me drive/cook/fold clothes while “reading,” but sometimes I wish I could read physical/digital books instead.
  3. All the pretty covers! I wish all books had beautiful covers. I don’t want them all to be lovely in the same way, that would be so boring, but I do really hate it when books I love have awful covers.
  4. Better memory! This goes for more than just books 😅Sometimes I know I read a book and I have no recollection of it at all. It does usually speaks to the books quality, but it still bugs me. Conversely, there are so many books I remember adoring as a kid and then I don’t remember the title of author! So, I have no way of finding them again 😱
  5. Ability to underline and markup my books while keeping them nice! I love a pristine hardcover, but I also love a book that looks loved and is full of my thoughts and underlined passages. I’m on both sides of the spectrum and it’s tough sometimes.
  6. Beauty and the Beast style library! No more explanation necessary. 💁
  7. Anime version of Western books! This is a really nerdy request, no shame! I am usually very disappointed with movie adaptations of books, especially scifi and fantasy. I think than an anime or any type of animation would be so much better! Don’t have to worry about the magic and stuff looking dumb with bad CG and the characters and different races won’t just be made into humans. Mistborn is one I REALLY think would make a great animated series.
  8. Able to buy all the books! I wish I could get all the books I want and actually have space to put them all.
  9. Books I’ve been waiting for to FINALLY come out! This goes out to GRRM and Tamora Pierce, especially. I don’t need to explain Martin, I don’t know if we’re ever getting the ASOIAF books. Pierce has been promising more Tortall books forever and they still haven’t come out. I just want that Numair book, is that too much to ask!?
  10. Taking the stories from my imagination to the page! This wish isn’t too fantastical, but it’s something I would really love to happen. I have always been nervous/afraid about writing and putting myself out there. I need to gather up my courage and give it a real shot! Hopefully all of the things on this list happen 😉, but this is the one I really want to come true (with a TON of effort from me, of course).

Do you have any wishes for the book genie? 😊



  1. 2 and 4, yes!!!! I wish I could remember everything and multitask while I read. Omg 9, I’m dying for The Winds of Winter. I’m working my way through the Tortall books but I already want more so I’m on board for that!

    1. Thank you! 😊 and I really want Winds! I’m hoping for next year, but I always say that 😝 the Tortall books are so amazing! I hope you enjoy them! The Protector of the Small ones were my favorites when I was younger, but I love them all

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