July Mini-Reviews

This is has been one crazy month, but thankfully I’ve somehow found the time to get some reading done. I’ve been applying for internships, hiking on mountain trails and planning a wedding– all in the span of 30 days. The books I’ve read were able to keep me sane (at least a little), through all the stuff! This month contained a new favorite, which is very nice, and nothing that I despised. All in all, July did me good.

Unwept (Book One of The Nightbirds), Tracy Hickman [Galley received in exchange for an honest review]

A very engaging thriller with some fantasy/paranormal touches, which get more pronounced as the story goes on. Ellis is suffering from amnesia. She is going back to her hometown to heal from whatever has caused her to lose her memory and hopefully get it back. She is surrounded by supposed friends who claim to know everything about her, but Ellis feels that there is something very dark lurking in this little town. It  gets pretty crazy and it’s hard to put it down. I don’t read too many thrillers or mysteries– even though I always enjoy them– and this book makes me want to read more and more. {4/5 stars}

Alias Hook, Lisa Jensen [Galley received in exchange for an honest review]

Jensen gives us a very interesting take on the classic Peter Pan story. This is one of those novels that shows us the story from the “bad guy’s” perspective, and show us that they were really super wonderful all along. This book ended up being very different from I expected. I can’t say that I loved it, but I really enjoyed certain parts of it and it was beautifully written. It reads much more like literary fiction than fantasy, to me. The characterization and development of Hook was enchanting. Also, I adored the romance and it had a wonderful ending. It’s definitely worth a read, but don’t expect a very “magical” experience.  {3.5/5 stars}

Starters (Starters, #1), Lissa Price

Good concept, not too great execution. In this future-dystopian world, desperate teenagers loan out their bodies to elderly people, who use them to skydive, go clubbing, and do things they wouldn’t be able to do. Obviously, doesn’t work out too well and therein lies the story.  It was just pretty average. The writing was okay, but the characters were very shallow and that’s were the story was really lacking. {2/5 stars}

Blood Song (A Raven’s Shadow, #1), Anthony Ryan

This was so good. I can’t even talk about it in a coherent way (I’ll try my best). My brother, Javier, had been bugging me to read this all summer, and man was it worth it. This story is about Vaelin, whose father is one of the most famous warriors in the realm. Instead of raising him, his father drops him off and abandons him at some crazy assassin boarding school. He makes a family of his fellow classmates, who are all pretty awesome in their own right, and goes on some amazing adventures. I have a real weakness for school stories and novels that play with storytelling as a concept. The book begins with adult Vaelin about to face an execution. He tells his story to a man who despises him, but like the reader, learns to appreciate this cold, mysterious killer. I’m not doing this justice… just go read it! {5/5 stars}

Sailor Moon (Volume 1 & 2), Naoko Takeuchi

Sailor Moon holds a very special place in my heart. I was obsessed with the anime, movies, and manga as a little girl (and now, too, I can’t lie). I was always checking out the volumes from my library and devouring them. Now, this was a long time ago and my library didn’t always have the one I needed to read, so I was just kind of jumping around the series reading whatever I could. These volumes are a re-release from Kodansha, which are a more accurate translation from the original Japanese. So far I’m loving them so much, check in next month to see what I think about the rest of them (I’ll probably finish them before next week 😛 ). {5/5 stars}

What did you guys read in July? Any new favorites? 🙂


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