June Mini-Reviews

Another month gone and the year is halfway over! June was actually a pretty good reading month for me. I didn’t read too many titles, but there was some good variety. I mean, it’s still all fantasy– I’m not planning on radically changing or anything :P.  Here’s hoping July is even better! I have some interesting posts planned and I hope y’all will like them.

Child of a Hidden Sea, A.M. Dellamonica

This is a fantasy adventure story that is the perfect beach-read for a person that usually hates beach-reads (I speak from experience). It’s an interesting world with memorable characters, and it never takes itself too seriously. I really enjoyed this book and wrote a nice, long review about it. Also, this review was featured on Dellamonica’s website— you have no idea how freakin’ happy that made me! This brought my blog quite a bit of attention, which is always awesome, especially when it happens because of a great book! {4.5/5 stars}

The Princess in the Opal Mask, Jenny Lundquist

This was easily the cutest book I read all month (and maybe all year). It’s a fairytale version of The Prince and the Pauper and it does a wonderful job of crafting the two protagonists. The girls were very different in complimentary ways and the romances are very sweet and there are no love triangles in sight. It’s a great, fun read. I go on about it in much more detail in my full review. {4/5 stars}

Flight of a Golden Harpy, Susan Klaus

I couldn’t finish this book. I got about halfway through and then skipped around to the end. It’s a scifi story about a distant jungle planet colonized by humans. They share it with humanoid, savage harpies, who are hunted for their beautiful wings. The story revolves around a young woman and a harpy who fall in love and it doesn’t go too hot for them. The world was well crafted and very creative, but the dialogue was very clunky and the characters were shallow. The book just took itself and it’s message a little too seriously. {Did Not Finish}

Tiger Lilly, Jodi Lynn Anderson

This was an interesting book, but I can’t say I really enjoyed reading it. It’s a retelling of Peter Pan that focuses on Tiger Lily. The story is told through Tinkerbell’s perspective, who acts like a casual observer most of the time, except when she interjects a pointed opinion. The world Anderson creates is different from the classic Neverland; she brings some interesting twists to the tale, but I just felt disconnected from the characters and the story. I didn’t hate it and I loved some of the things it was trying to do, but I just didn’t have fun with it.  {3/5 stars}

What did you guys read in June? Anything you loved or hated? 😀


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