April Mini-Reviews

April was a busy month for me; I feel pretty proud of myself for all I was able to accomplish in it! I finished up my first year of graduate school, went to a variety of book festivals and signings, and celebrated my birthday! Even though I didn’t have a chance to read too much, I did enjoy what I did read. When I was looking at this list, I noticed that I read quite a number of graphic novels this month. I do tend to do that around exams. I guess all I want to do is distract myself with pretty art!

1. Bride of the Water God (Volume 1), Mi-Kyung Yun

This is a manhwa (a Korean graphic novel), and I’d never read one before. The art style is very similar to most manga, but it’s read left-to-right like a Western comic. I really enjoyed this story. It’s about a girl in an ancient village, which is going through a major drought. The villagers decide to sacrifice a young woman to the Water God, in hopes that he’ll give them some rain. Soah‘s chosen to go. She enters of world full of deities and magical things. But, of course, she’s not too happy about being shipped off to the handsome and petulant Water God.  {4/5 stars}

2. Demon Love Spell (Volumes 1-5), Mayu Shinjo

These books are hilarious. They’re pretty much romantic, silly beach-reads in manga form. It’s the story about a demon and a priestess that fall in love, and obviously that comes with many problems. I had so much fun reading these and I’m excited for the final volume, which comes out this summer. {4/5 stars}

3. The Here and Now, Ann Brashares

I didn’t enjoy this book. I’ve probably rambled about it enough already. Check out my full review here. {2/5 stars}

4. Library Wars (Volumes 1-11), by Kiiro Yumi

Yet another manga series I got into in April. This was honestly my favorite thing I read all month! This manga’s set in the near future when libraries are fighting the federal government over censorship. The situation has gotten violent and the local government and libraries have had to create their own army to protect freedom of speech– the Library Forces. We follow a young trainee into the Force and she is so adorable. She’s clumsy and so earnest. You can’t help but love her. The romance is really cute, too 🙂 {4.5/5 stars}

5. Boxers & Saints, by Gene Luen Yang

These books were really interesting. I can’t say that I loved, or even particularly liked them, but I really appreciated what the author was trying to do. Yang told the story of the Boxer Rebellion through two different perspectives. In Boxers, we follow a boy on his journey to save the country from the “foreign devils” invading them. In Saints, we follow a girl who is on the other side of the conflict. Both of the characters struggle a lot with their religions and sense of national identity. They are quick reads, if you want to give them a try, but I cannot wholeheartedly recommend them to you. {3.5/5 stars}

6. Sora’s Quest, T.L. Shreffler

This book was a nice surprise; I really enjoyed it. It was a very fun, quirky adventure story in a well-developed, fantastical world.  I wrote a full review of it, check it out here. {4/5 stars}

7. Thief’s Magic, Trudi Canavan

This was another great read. I reviewed it for Girls in Capes (they’re awesome and they have a GIVEAWAY going on for a copy of it). I’m putting review up here soon, as well! {4/5 stars}


What did you read in April? 😀




  1. You are quite the prolific reader. I’ve been wanting some recommendations for manga / anime and am glad to see these mini reviews. This month I started reading The Boat by Nam Le and The Double by Fyodor Dostoevsky. So far, more impressed by the former than the latter. But always happy to get another Russian novel under my belt.

    1. I do read a lot! Haha I should probably focus a little more on other “useful” things, like sleep, but whatever 😛 And I’m glad I can help you with the manga recs! They are fun reads.

      Yeah, I get you about the Russian novels. I guess I always feel more proud of myself for completing it than I feel good reading!

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