Top Ten: Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art

Top Ten Tuesday is a blog meme hosted over at the Broke and the Bookish every week! I saw the theme for this week was “Book Covers I’d Frame as Pieces of Art.” I had to try my hand at it! I’m really “bad” and completely judge books by their covers. 😛 There’ve been books I have read solely because they look pretty and, as you can imagine, it can be glorious or catastrophic. The idea of picking covers that I would frame as art really fascinates me. I’m a big art nerd, as well as book lover, so this is really up my alley.
Red Rising, Pierce Brown
I just finished reading this and am kinda raving about it. I think the cover’s super striking. I could totally see it in a big-shot CEO’s office intimidating the poor employees called in to meet with her/him.
The Firebird, Susanna Kearsley
This cover is so beautiful. I really would frame it, put it over a mantle piece, and stare at it all day. It’s a book that has a lot to do with art and beauty, so it makes sense that it would have such a lovely cover. Also, if you like this, look up the rest of Kearsley’s books, they’re all beautiful. ooooo
The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien
There are many versions of this amazing book out there, but this is my favorite. I would have killed for a poster of this to hang on my wall when I was little… Who am I kidding? I still would.
Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
This cover just looks so happy! The illustrations are adorable and I love the colors. That blueish-green is one of my favorite colors, especially when combined with pink.
The Goose Girl, Shannon Hale
This cover  looks like it belongs in a little girl’s room. It’s the perfect fairy tale cover. This so much better than the new cover. Bloomsbury made a mistake changing it, as far as I’m concerned.
Scarlet, Marissa Meyer
Now that I’m looking at it closely, this has many similarities to the Red Rising cover. It’s very striking. I just love the red cape; it has a great sense of movement. I guess I have a penchant for dramatic covers with a splash of bright red.
I honestly bought this book just because I thought the cover was beautiful. It is a bit busier than I typically like, but the colors are really lovely. I particularly love the way the swirls in the font play with the lines of the mask.
The Emperor’s Blades, Brain Staveley
This cover is so different from pretty much any other fantasy book out there. As a  reader of predominately fantasy, I have to say I found this cover really refreshing. I love that it looks like slightly unfinished, or at least not completely polished.
This is another one to add to the simple, yet striking, list. I love the blue and yellow combo. Details like the texture of the background and the simple, delicate illustration of the feather make you feel like you’re about to read something special.
I had to end with a shout-out to the Penguin Cloth-Bound Classics. They have done an amazing job with their releases. I want them all!
What about you guys? Do you have any covers that you’d like to hang up on your wall?


  1. Hey, I included a shout out about the Penguin Cloth Bound classics on my entry too! I love the inclusion of other books I nearly put on my listing as well: Scarlet (all of the books in this series have great covers), The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, Fangirl and that classic and wonderful cover for ‘The Hobbit’. I loved, loved ‘The Emperor’s Blades’ but I’m not that into the cover. Despite that, I’m waiting for the next installment with a fervor that belies my age.

    1. That’s awesome! I’m off to check out your post now 😀
      YA book designers, in particular, have been making some amazing covers in the last couple years. It was really hard to narrow my list down, too. And yes, all the Lunar Chronicles are gorgeous. I’m super excited to see what ‘Winter’ looks like! ‘Emperor’s Blade’ is next on my list and I’m so EXCITED!

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